Meet Minx + Muse Enchantress/Instructor, Devin!

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What is your name and birthplace?
Devin Alfather, born in Detroit Michigan, and a Texas transplant since 2009.

What do you teach at Minx + Muse?
I currently teach “Tribal Remix” on Tuesdays

What are your intentions/motivations with your classes?
My intention in every class to have our students leave feeling empowered, and indescribably beautiful. By finding new ways of shaping their body, I hope to reach each student where they are as a dancer, and as a human being- progressing though ancient, feminine, pathways of movement. My goal is to gift each student with the knowledge of how powerful, and uniquely beautiful they are, and have always been.


What is your favorite thing about teaching?
What I love best about teaching is seeing the individual gifts, and personalities of each student emerge in class. That secret ingredient added over movement is the cherry on top for me.

What excites and inspires you right now?
I'm most excited by the new possibilities that each student brings to class. I find a huge amount of joy in seeing students get that "Ah ha!" moment. For me, nothing matches the look on their face when they are able to nail a technique for the first time. Minx + Muse in particular is spectacular for encouraging women to find creative and alternative outlets— the space itself inspires me every time I enter!

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