Meet Minx + Muse Priestess/Instructor, Melanie!


What is your name and birthplace?
My name is Melanie Holst-Collins (also known as Mel) and I'm originally from the Twin Cities, Minnesota, but I am slowly becoming an Austinite.

What do you teach at Minx + Muse?
I currently teach Sensual Stretch + Flow on Thursdays.

What are your intentions/motivations with your classes?
My intention for any class I teach is to simply hold the space for individuals to have an experience with presence and healing, however that manifests for them. We humans are deprived of these two experiences and any class I teach holds the intention for at least one to be felt.


What is your favorite thing about teaching?
My absolute favorite thing about teaching is literally seeing individuals shift and transform right before my eyes. Watching them sink into themselves and hearing their experiences after a class with me. I also receive such an impactful recharge when I teach.

What excites and inspires you right now?
I am really excited by the re-awakening happening on the planet right now. The return to holistic ways of living and being and the desire to restore the balance of the feminine (energy) is very inspiring. Makes me feel what I do is a small contribution to it all.

♥ ♥ ♥

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