January Dark Moon Goddess: Freya


Every month at the time of the dark moon, choose a new goddess to work with at the studio. This month, we will be honoring goddess Freya, the Norse goddess of love!

Freya is The Lady of Love in Norse mythology, but she is also associated with sex, lust, beauty, sorcery, fertility, abundance, war and death.

She encourages self-awareness and self-worth regarding our own beauty and sexuality, and may be anything from achingly gentle to forcefully dominant in showing people what they are worth.

She listens to the prayers of people seeking love and will help them if she can. In keeping with the Norse acceptance of infidelity, Freya is a Goddess of lust, and enjoys sexual freedom.

Freya reminds us to enjoy ourselves. She reminds us that life is not just about struggle and valor. She reminds us to sing and dance, to make love and music and poetry; to enjoy all of the beauty and passion around us. She reminds us to be in our bodies and feel the emotions and sensations that we can only feel as human beings.

Do you struggle finding beauty within yourself? Do you want to connect further with your sensuality and sexuality? Do you need to find more passion in your life? Hell, do you just want to expand in the areas of love, sex, power, and money (who doesn’t?!)

We will be exploring these concepts in many of our classes throughout the next month, so if you are a client at the studio and haven't already, be sure to join our Facebook group where we will be posting more!

Please also feel free to bring any offerings or messages for Freya to leave on the Minx + Muse altar! We will have a bowl to place any written intentions or invocations, which we will ceremonially burn at the end of the moon cycle!

And if you have a personal relationship with Freya and would like to share your knowledge and/or contribute to honoring this goddess at the studio, please contact us with your thoughts or suggestions!