February Dark Moon Goddess: Amaterasu


Every month at the time of the dark moon, choose a new goddess to work with at the studio. This month, we will be honoring Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of the sun!

It's been cold and rainy here in Austin, so it seems like a fitting time to honor Amaterasu, also known as the Sacred Goddess Illuminating the Sky, and hopefully channel some of her sunshine!

Her gentle beauty and warmth radiated life force and hope throughout the blessed land of Japan, and far beyond. Amaterasu was the one who showed the people their beauty and potential.

The royal family of Japan is believed to directly descend from this vibrant, life-giving Goddess.  She represents fertility and causes the plants to grow that give life to not only humans but to the gods as well.

Amaterasu is associated with returning life and joy after dark times.

In her most well-known myth, Amaterasu shut herself into a cave after her younger brother brought much chaos and destruction upon the Earth. When she did this, the world plunged into total darkness and death. Only when she reemerged did light and joy return. What a great metaphor feminine verse masculine energy!

Here are some thoughtful, relevant questions to delve into based on this myth, by Shannyn Sollitt.

  • How many of us goddess-worshipping, Earth-loving, peace-adoring believers in the powers of divinity in humanity are suffering in our caves, nursing our broken hearts as we witness the havoc, the devastation, the destruction of the very fabric of our world?
  • How many of us recognize that combating the violent patriarchy on its own terms brings disaster?
  • How many of us can fathom that the feminine spirit and soul, the warp and the weft of life on this precious planet, is the light of the whole world?
  • If we can fathom it, what are we doing about that wrathful singular god of the patriarchy who has driven us into our caves?

We will be exploring these concepts in many of our classes throughout the next month, so if you are a client at the studio and haven't already, be sure to join our Facebook group where we will be posting more!

Please also feel free to bring any offerings or messages for Amaterasu to leave on the Minx + Muse altar! We will have a bowl to place any written intentions or invocations, which we will ceremonially burn at the end of the moon cycle!

And if you have a personal relationship with Amaterasu and would like to share your knowledge and/or contribute to honoring this goddess at the studio, please contact us with your thoughts or suggestions!