Empress Energy + The Empress Room

UPDATE: The Empress Room is currently on hiatus, hopefuly to return at a future date.

You hear us use the word "Empress" to describe our daytime co-work/play space, but what is this Empress energy all about?!


According to Wikipedia:

The Empress sits on a throne wearing a starry crown, holding a scepter in one hand. The scepter is representative of her power over life, her crown has twelve stars representing her dominance over the year, and her throne is in the midst of a field of grain, representative of her dominion over growing things. The Empress is representative of the productivity of the subconscious, seeded by ideas. She is meant to be the embodiment of the growth of the natural world, fertility, and what one knows or believes from the heart.

What a total boss babe! But we should remember she embodies a feminine boss energy (words like creativity, balance, grace, flow, and nurturing come to mind), as opposed to an oppressive, forceful kind of “masculine” boss energy.

That being said, Empress is undoubtedly expressive, abundant, and successful with that which she puts out into the world. Oftentimes associated with pregnancy and childbirth, the Empress can also symbolize fertility and the birth of creative and business ventures.

According to the tarot site Labyrintos:

The Empress card could also mean the birth of a new idea, business or project on your life. Owing to the good fortune that surrounds this card, you can be sure that such situations and projects would end successfully in your life. Discover and bring forth those ideas that have been clinging to you and make sure that you devote yourself towards accomplishing them. This card is a sign that they are going to be successful, and well taken care of.

The Empress shows us how deeply we are embedded to our femininity. Femininity could be associated with fertility, expression, creativity and nurturing among many other aspects. It therefore calls you to connect with beauty and bring happiness to your life.



Since Minx + Muse opened back in October, we’ve been experimenting with different ideas on how to make the space a greater supportive community filled with bad ass witches, goddesses, and seductresses! And though we’ve been achieving this through classes and workshops, we wanted MORE! Hence the addition of the Empress Room—our daytime co-work/play space— an alternative to stuffy corporate co-working spaces and vulnerable public spaces like coffee shops.


Imagine a room filled with collective feminine energy… babes with pen and paper and laptops birthing creative ideas… spreading out to work on art projects… meeting with friends to do tarot readings… sitting on comfy cushions in an incense-soaked room reading and journaling… 

Some Empress vibes we encourage people to explore in the space include:

    •    Sketching/Planning/Ideation
    •    Writing/Journaling
    •    Group Meetings/Discussions
    •    Sewing/Knitting/Costuming
    •    Crafting/Creative Hobbies
    •    Jewelry Making
    •    Art Projects
    •    Reading/Studying
    •    Card/Board Games
    •    Mat Practice (stretching, yoga, etc.)

The Empress asks us to connect with our feminine energy. To create beauty in our life. To pursue artistic expression. To openly express emotions and support our tribe. She encourages open dialogue and communication. She is sensual, and fertile with ideas and projects. With her support, we create abundance and radiance in our lives.

It is our vision to grow Minx + Muse into more than just a dance/movement studio. Our goal is to turn this space into a legit social club. A goddess temple. A space where you can move and sit and express and dream. Offering guided classes and workshops but also open space to explore and create and connect with other magical creatures. And the Empress Room is the next step in making this vision a reality.

Learn more about the Empress Room here, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about this feminine social club and multi-purpose space!


♥   ♥   ♥