Yoni Egg Magic!

We are so excited to have Desire` of Sugar + Sage leading us through yoni egg workshops multiple times per year! Have you been wondering what this whole yoni egg thing is about?! Desire` sat down and answered some questions for us!

1. What exactly is a yoni egg?

A yoni egg, also known as “jade egg" is a semiprecious stone carved into an egg shape and polished to be worn inside of the yoni. ( Yoni is a sanskrit term for female genitalia and/or sacred space. )

2. How did you find this practice?

I first began this beautiful yoni egg practice in 2016. While on a quest to cultivate a deeper relationship with self and more importantly my yoni, I ran across a popular page centered around all things yoni on Google. This page listed the many benefits of curating a personal yoni egg practice and I had to try. So, I purchased my first yoni egg…honestly, the rest was history. 

3. What are the benefits of a yoni egg practice?

While there are so many physical benefits of a consistent yoni egg practice; such as increased libido, strengthening of the pelvic floor and enhanced sexual pleasure ; I enjoy discussing the metaphysical and spiritual benefits. 

Similar to owning any other crystal type, each yoni egg has its on set of metaphysical properties and corresponds with specific chakras. The beauty of practicing with yoni eggs is you may not know exactly what you need however, you’re aware of how you feel. I like to loosely use the example of, you have symptoms and the crystals provide the energetic “treatment” and balance.  

Another amazing benefit of a yoni egg practice is the sense of feminine grounding and sensory awareness that it brings. While practicing with a yoni egg you’re forced to slow down, focus on pelvic floor engagement, posture and breath. This prompts you to bring your attention into the present. Anxiety, stress and overwhelm fade when you’re in a state of mindfulness. A yoni egg practice prompts you to remain in a place of flow.  

Ultimately, beginning a yoni egg practice is a beautiful way to cultivate a healthy and more loving relationship with not only your yoni but, your entire being. Yes, you will see the physical benefits of a consistent practice but, the spiritual connection to self cannot be measured.

4. What kind of eggs do you work with, and what are the benefits of each?

I work with and offer various GIA Certified yoni eggs such as Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Black Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, Amethyst and Rhodonite. 

  • The Rose Quartz corresponds to the heart chakra. Focusing on areas of love, intimacy, compassion and rejuvenation.

  • Green Aventurine also corresponds to the heart chakra and is focused on manifesting, bringing about wealth and worthiness. 

  • Black Obsidian corresponds to the root chakra is an amazing stone that focuses on healing, protection, grounding and releasing. 

  • Clear Quartz is a programmable stone that corresponds to all chakras. Focused on withholding and clearing, clear quartz is one of the most versatile of all stones. 

  • Amethyst corresponds to the crown and third eye chakra. Filled with a powerful sensual awakening energy, Amethyst focuses on all areas of divinity, royalty and serenity. 

  • Rhodonite corresponds to the heart chakra and is focused on nurturing, expelling anxiety and forgiveness. 

5. What are the benefits of incorporating movement into a yoni egg practice?

There’s a magic that happens when you connect movement to energy work. Allowing the body to sway, shift, relax and flow along with your yoni egg practice prompts you to stay mindful of your center. When wearing a yoni egg you’re left with very little room to get “side-tracked" or distracted by how your movement looks and are forced to remain focused on the sensations in and around your hips. 

6. What can we expect from your "Yoni Egg + Sensual Movement" workshop at the Feminine Enchantment retreat in September? 

You can expect to feel embodied and aware of your juicy Goddess energy. To experience movement that focuses on one of the most easily forgotten feminine power, pussy magic. To have space held for you as you gently fall deeper in love with self. To walk away with a clear understanding of yoni eggs, its associated practices and how to curate your very own yoni egg practice ritual.

Thanks so much, Desire`! And if you are interested in this experience, join us for our Feminine Enchantment Retreat… it’s going to be a magical experience! You can learn more here! Plus, all who sign up receive a free egg of their choosing to use during (and beyond) the retreat!