Spring Equinox Goddess: Hathor


We have switched from honoring a goddess at the studio every moon cycle to working with one for an entire season so we can delve deeper, and the goddess we have chosen for the Spring Equinox is Hathor!

Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of feminine love, joy, fertility, beauty, dance, and music.

She was known as "the mistress of life" and was seen as the embodiment of joy, love, romance, perfume, dance, music and alcohol.

She was considered to be the expression of beauty, femininity and goodness. She represented the woman and was the goddess of love, music, art and joy. But at one instance she can transform into a blood-thirsty destroyer of man. Yes, our lovely peaceful cow was known for her killing rampage on mortals (when transforming into the fearless lioness Sekhmet.)

She is the guardian of all females and has dominion over sex, birth, pleasure, intoxication, magick, music and death. Dance and music are the sacred arts of Hathor.

After months of laying low to meditate and allow the death and decay of winter, Hathor serves as a refreshing goddess to embrace to welcome in the energies of love, renewal, and growth associated with spring!

We will be exploring these concepts in many of our classes throughout the next few months, so if you are a client at the studio and haven't already, be sure to join our Facebook group where we will be posting more!

Please also feel free to bring any offerings or messages for Hathor to leave on the Minx + Muse altar! Some offering ideas include alcohol, perfume, roses or other flowers, turquoise, white candle, and statues or pictures of cats and cows.

And if you have a personal relationship with Hathor and would like to share your knowledge and/or contribute to honoring this goddess at the studio, please contact us with your thoughts or suggestions!