Summer Equinox Goddess: Pachamama


So thrilled to announce our Summer Equinox studio goddess: Pachamama! Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. She is also known as the earth/time mother.

She embodies nourishment and abundance and encompasses all of creation, similar to the Greek goddess, Gaia. She is associated with rituals for fertility, protection and healthy crops.

Pachamama is the Supreme Goddess honored by the indigenous people of the Andes including Peru, Argentina and Bolivia. She is referred to as both the physical planet Earth as well as the universal Feminine Energy in time and space. Her name literally translates as Pacha – meaning world, land, earth, universe; and Mama, meaning Mother. She is the Mother of the World. In Incan mythology Pachamama is also celebrated as a fertility Goddess who oversees planting and harvesting. She is responsible for the well-being of plants and animals and is often depicted as a Dragon or serpent representative of the Andean Mountains. When Pachamama feels disrespected it is thought that she causes earthquakes.

This full-bodied earth goddess is the primordial feminine image.  She is one with the earth, centered, calm, and content.  But she is also a dragon Goddess and when the people do not honor her, she sends them earthquakes as reminders. This Earth Mother brings grounding and centering.

The Pachamama is often a gentle and conciliatory deity but she, locals insist, can also become angry or dissatisfied, expressing these emotions through earthquakes, tremors, and landslides. Abuse of the land, the suffering of animals, and the neglect of plants can make the Pachamama angry, making her lash out and punish those who transgress in her care. Currently in the West there is a powerful metaphor concerning the Mother Earth’s sadness, with the environmental natural disasters we are experiencing interpreted as her revenge for the pain humans have caused her. There is indeed, only one way to pacify the Pachamama, thereby once again receiving her love and blessings, and that it is to change our attitude towards the Earth, understanding that we are not owners, but rather an aspect within the fold of the Pachamama, at one with her and the rest of the natural world.

We can connect with Pachamama simply by grounding and physically connecting with mama Earth (sit under a tree, lay in the grass or sand) and by simply respecting and treating mama Earth with love and care. We will be exploring these concepts in many of our classes throughout the next few months!

Please also feel free to bring any offerings or messages for Pachamama to leave on the Minx + Muse altar! Some offering ideas include alcohol, cigars, coca leaves, flowers, candies, or grounding stones such as aventurine, red jasper, smoky quartz, or even a simple rock!

And if you have a personal relationship with Pachamama and would like to share your knowledge and/or contribute to honoring this goddess at the studio, please contact us with your thoughts or suggestions!