The Empress Room: A Feminine Social Club


The Empress Room is a feminine social club and multi-purpose space for those looking to explore their Empress energy.

Open Wednesdays 11am – 5pm. A day at the Empress Room is booked as a single class on MINDBODY, and you may come and go as you please!

The Empress asks us to connect with our feminine energy. To create beauty in our life. To pursue artistic expression. To openly express emotions and support our tribe. She encourages open dialogue and communication. She is sensual, and fertile with ideas and projects. With her support, we create abundance and radiance in our lives.

Read on for all of the details...

Empress vibes:

  • Sketching/Planning/Ideation

  • Writing/Journaling

  • Group Meetings/Discussions

  • Sewing/Knitting/Costuming

  • Crafting/Creative Hobbies

  • Jewelry Making

  • Art Projects

  • Reading/Studying

  • Card/Board Games

  • Mat Practice (stretching, yoga, etc.)

The details:

  • Space is first come, first serve

  • Space available 11am – 5pm on Wednesdays (additional days will be added when needed!)

  • You can book using your class credits (1 class = an entire day at the Empress Room, and you may come and go as you please!)

  • We encourage you to book your spot in the Empress Room in advance, as online sign-up is disabled once the session begins. But if you'd like to sign up last minute, simply shoot us a message so we know to expect you!

  • Want to book a group? Feel free to contact us for group rates!


Included with your visit:

  • Access to powerful collective feminine energy

  • Free water, tea, and light snacks

  • Access to chairs, tables, floor pillows, and mats

  • BYO coffee/food permitted


Empress Room does not include:

  • High speed internet: our internet is average and does the trick for simple use; it is not intended for streaming, downloading/uploading, or in depth online projects

  • Access to stereo: ambient background music will be played from the studio stereo, and is not accessible to play music for personal purposes

  • Access to large amount of personal space: space is first come first serve, and it is understood that no one has the right to more than a respectable amount of personal space

  • A quiet environment: this is a shared space so expect noise, though respect that as a shared space, it is thoughtful to keep your personal noise at a non-disruptive level

  • Maid service: kindly clean up after yourself, and do not bring any projects that could damage space

  • Client space: please do not use space to meet with paying clients



  • A day at the Empress Room is booked as a single class through MINDBODY, so can range from $11–25, depending on the class package or membership you choose!