2018 Manifestation Magic Digital Series

2018 Manifestation Magic Digital Series


Starts Wednesday, January 10th!

With the change of the calendar year comes a clean slate. An opportunity to expand and transform. In this 4-week series, led by Minx + Muse creatrix Crimson Minx, we will establish personal goals and invocations for the new year. Through explorational exercises, metamorphic ritual, and actionable planning, we will gain insight on how to move forward and manifest magical lives in 2018!

This series is a balance of “masculine” structure, declarations, and action planning mixed with “feminine” flow, intuition, and magical ritual is what works to alchemize these dreams into reality. We will tap into subconscious to inspire and set our goals, create a practical timeline for the year ahead, and learn magical tools and rituals to maintain energy and stamina toward our manifestations.

Week 1: Establish manifestation goals, create an actionable plan

Week 2: Stay motivated, incorporate inspired ritual

Week 3: Navigate stress and obstacles, release fears through ceremony

Week 4: Increase accountability, learn practical magic for success

Manifestation magic is not a science. It’s an artform. Creative practices we will delve into during this series include:

    •    Guided Meditation
    •    Journaling Prompts
    •    Written Exercises
    •    Educational Discussions
    •    Ritual for Self Development
    •    Group Collaboration
    •    Shared Insights
    •    Magick and Spellcasting

Each week, you will receive an email with a link to a video and PDF worksheets, and you will be guided through the ritual and exercises from the comfort of your personal sanctuary! You will have (fun) homework assignments for the week between videos, and will be invited to join our private Facebook group where we can inspire, motivate, and share with our fellow Manifestation Magic goddesses and witches!

Crimson will be available in the Facebook group as well as via private email to help answer any questions or offer any insight!

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