upcoming workshops + Events

Blow Him Away 101

Friday, September 13th, 8:15–9:45 pm
$30 or $25 for Minx + Muse members | with Vanda the Panda


Come join Vanda the Panda for a night of learning how to bring men to ecstasy... with just your mouth! Allow yourself to feel sexually empowered while in the safe space of Minx + Muse with like-minded individuals! The prosecco will be flowing as we share our experiences, and we learn the best tips to making your man scream your name in pleasure.

You may be on your knees, but you still have him by the balls!

Space is limited. All gender identifications welcome! Feel free to bring a journal to record any tips and tricks!

No refunds.

Pole Maidens 4-week series

Sundays, September 22nd–October 13th, 6:45–8 pm
$120 for 4-weeks (member discounts applied at checkout) | with Tara


This is the first level in our three-part Triple Goddess Pole Series!

Come learn the basics of pole dance and be initiated into our esoerotic pole coven in this 4-week series! Each week, we will learn foundational moves, transitions, and spins, then tie them together in a playful (and a tad naughty) choreographed routine! Each class will build off the prior, and there will be a new musical theme to explore during each session! This series is intended for those with beginner pole experience or just starting their pole and sensual dance journey, and the class will be capped at 6 students.

What to bring:
• Kneepads and/or leg warmers HIGHLY recommended, heels optional.

What to wear:
• Wear an outfit that makes you feel wildly sexy, comfortable, and free! Some ideas include booty shorts, a lacy teddy, silky kimono, stretchy bodysuit, oversized flannel, comfy yoga pants, or a flowy tee!

NOTE: You are signing up for all four classes, and there are no partial refunds or makeup classes for any classes missed.

No refunds.


Friday, September 27th, 7:30–9 pm
$35, or $30 for Minx + Muse Members | with Zoja

Come learn how to shake those ta-tas in this unique tassel twirling workshop! We will cover shimmies, pectoral isolations, and even play with ASS-ELS (pasties on the booty)! Pasties included in the price of the workshop and can be reused multiple times. All levels welcome, but please be prepared to shake your pastied-titties with your Coven sisters! Evening will conclude with a champagne (or cider) toast!

No refunds.

New Moon Priestess Ceremony

Saturday, September 28th, 7–9 pm
$35, or $30 for Minx + Muse Members | with Tara and Deborah

Join this circle of lunar love as we come together in ceremony to harness the energies of the New Moon in Libra!  

The evening will include an astro discussion, journaling ritual, oracle card reading, intention setting, and an alchemy crystal bowl sound bath! Drinks and light snacks will also be served.

Wear something that is comfortable to sit in… priestess-inspired garb encouraged!

No refunds.

Reclaiming Sensuality through Trauma Recovery

Friday, October 11th, 7–9 pm
$45, or $40 for Minx + Muse Members | with Dez

Join Dez, in pursuit of reclaiming our sensuality, through trauma-informed education, explorative movement, expressive writing, intuitive divination, and releasing meditation. Restore and redefine elements of your wholeness that you have lost, were taken from you, or were given away. Release the shame, and nurture the wounds that never before felt worthy of healing. Together, in a safe and responsible space, we will reconnect with our bodies and spirits. We will explore our stories, our recovery, and our wild feminine. Gain guidance, tools, and support, for a lifelong journey of living fully alive. What a divine time to heal and empower our sexy!

Bring socks, a journal, a writing utensil, and wear what makes you feel safe, sensual, and open to healing. If you have a favorite divination deck, then bring it too!

Trigger warning: We will dive deep. Due to the exploration of trauma's impact, personal stories, and recovery steps, elements of this workshop can be triggering. Writing about your trauma, connecting with your intuition through Tarot, and participating in mindful practices (that move pain through and out of the body) may bring hard feelings back to the forefront of your mind. We will establish a self-care plan at the start of the workshop, as being prepared for how you deal with triggers is the most powerful tool you will have to combat feelings, memories, and thoughts- during the workshop and in your daily life. Know that you are safe, and know that you are not required to share any details of your trauma during the workshop.

Dez is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, intuitive healer, mindful movement instructor, and writer, with a background in mental health services, trauma-informed care, transition coaching, and sensual dance.

No refunds.

Austin Séance at Minx + Muse

Saturday, October 12th, Sittings at 6:30 and 9:30 pm
$40 | with The Austin Séance

Kick off Halloween season with an evening of spirits and mystery as A. Lucio and Jake Cordero of The Austin Séance recreate an old-time, Victorian-era séance at Minx + Muse! The evening begins with a brief lecture on the history of American séances, which came into fashion during the mid 19th century. Participants the "sitters" will then be led through relaxation exercises to prepare for the ritual, and finally our hosts will employ the tools and practices of both historic and modern séances to attempt contact with the spirits of those in the afterlife!

All are welcome: from skeptics to believers of all things paranormal!

The evening will include complimentary cocktails, and attendees are asked to dress in a way to show reverence for this historic parlor activity (no jeans, flip flops, or casual tees.) Bonus point for Victorian-era inspired garb!

Two sitting times available:
Sitting 1: Doors at 6:30pm, doors locked and experience begins at 6:50pm. Runs until approximately 8:30pm.
Sitting 2: Doors at 9:30pm, doors locked and experience begins at 9:50pm. Runs until approximately 11:30pm.

A. Lucio and Jake Cordero have conducted hundreds of sittings throughout Texas at museums, a Victorian mansion and private homes. Together as The Austin Séance, they have been featured in Texas Monthly, the Texas Standard radio program, newspapers and television.

Space is limited. Must be 18+. For entertainment purposes only. Tickets are non-refundable.

Mirrors/Scrying 101

Mondays, October 14th–28th, 8:15–9:30 pm
$111 for 3 weeks (member discounts applied at checkout) | with ChosenEyes

Ever wondered how to peak beyond the veil? Curious about how to ear hustle on the spirit world? Or more importantly.... have you been asking yourself “WTF IS A MIRROR READING?!” Fret no more! This course is for you! 

This 3 week intensive is designed to open the practitioner and wet that third eye by learning the basics of scrying with water. Come learn what mirrors are and ARE NOT, how to use them in a group setting and how to incorporate the elements in this beautiful communicative art. Pricing includes a mini scrying kit, journal and A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE! Participants will walk away feeling confident and armed with the tools to surf the realms beyond this world. All experience levels welcomed into this judgement free zone! Come open, ready to learn and willing to connect to your higher self. 

No refunds.


Friday, October 18th, 8–9:30 pm
$35, or $30 for Minx + Muse Members | with Lily

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a stripper or a showgirl? The confidence, the command of the audience, the seductive movement, the ability to entice, knowing just what to say to get what you want? During this workshop we will cover persuasion techniques, learn how to give non-verbal cues and work on enhancing charisma! From there will will delve into movement, going across the floor then learn a spicy showgirl/stripper routine that includes some pole play! Ends with a champagne toast. All levels welcome!

What to wear:
Anything that makes you feel wildly sexy! Ideas include lacy lingerie, slinky bodysuits, racy thigh highs, provocative booty shorts, etc. Please bring a button down shirt or robe to strip off. Heels highly suggested but not mandatory.

No refunds.