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Astrology 101 4-Week Series

Sundays, February 18th–March 11th, 5–7 pm
$150 for 4-week series with Tara Appleberry

Curious about astrology but not sure where to begin? This series focuses on the basics of astrology and will help you learn to read and interpret your own birth chart! Astrology helps us help ourselves. It is not fortune telling and it does not "make" us do anything—we ALWAYS have free will! That being said, it does allow us to make more informed decisions so that we may manifest the greatest life we desire. Our birth chart is the blueprint of who we are as unique beings. It holds the answers to everything including what fulfills us, what challenges us, what we seek in relationships, and how we interact with others. Our birth chart also holds deep insight into the careers for which we are best suited and helps us decide the right time to act on both everyday and major life decisions.

This course blends a combination of entertaining lecture, collaborative creative exercises, and (fun!) weekly homework assignments designed to decode the language of astrology and help you master reading your own natal chart. All levels are welcome—whether you are completely new to astrology or want to dive deeper into your study.

You will be provided with worksheets and a copy of your personal chart for reference. We will be sitting in circle and yoga mats are available, but please feel free to bring a meditation cushion and whatever else you need to feel comfortable!

Last day for registration is Saturday, February 17th


Sugar Flow 101: Yoni Eggs + Sacred Movement Workshop

Sunday, February 25th, 1:30–3 pm
$60 | with Desire` of sugar + sage

Sugar Flow 101 has been curated for the woman who wants to fully tap into her true sensual + feminine power. Utilizing certified yoni eggs, self-affirmations, meditation, hands-on activities, story telling + sensual movement, this lesson assists in clearing + healing blocks around the feminine sensuality + womb space. Not only will you walk away feeling empowered, but you will also have the knowledge to continuously use yoni eggs + sacred movement as a meditative + healing tool.

The first half hour of this class will be dedicated to learning about the yoni egg and its associated practice. This will include a Q+A session, and the opportunity to purchase your own organic, GIA certified crystal yoni egg to use for the second part of the workshop.

This lesson is good for the woman who...
• is recovering after childbirth.
• wants to prevent or remedy urinary incontinence.
• wants enhanced sexual pleasure + to become more orgasmic.
• wants to reduce menstrual cramps.
• wants more intense orgasms.
• wants stronger control over her vaginal muscles.
• wants to establish a connection between her heart + her sexuality
• wants to increase perception of her yoni
• wants to awaken creative energy + passion
• wants to heal her relationship to intimacy + sexuality.

Overall, this session is for every yoni owner who wants to feel alive, connected + unapologetically sensual!

What to wear: It is recommended that you wear leggings/yoga pants to this workshop.

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