Feminine Strength + Power: A New Paradigm


If we want to change the world, we have to start embracing feminine energy, and valuing it as a legitimate form of strength and power. For too long, we’ve been sold the idea that feminine strength is something we find at a gym. And though there is much to admire about physical aptitude, simply embodying the masculine in a feminine body is not exceptionally bold. And it’s not social progress.

Embodying feminine traits such as sensuality, creative vulnerability, emotional aptitude, and collaborative growth—in any gendered body—and acknowledging the power of these pursuits… this is how we can create social change.

At Minx + Muse, we refuse to categorize experiences such as sensual dance, intuitive movement, and mystical exploration as “frivolous.” Rather, we see these as powerful practices that can help redefine feminine strength, and ultimately change the world.

We have so much love for all of you babes out there embodying strength + power through feminine energy and creating the change we need to see in this world! And at Minx + Muse we hope to serve by providing classes, workshops, and events for anyone interested in exploring this energy to be able to do so in a safe, supportive environment.