Are men/transgendered/gender non-conforming people welcome at minx + muse?

Yes! We are fiercely feminine in energy, not biology. We welcome all gender identifications who feel drawn to exploring this energy.

Can I record video or take photos during class?

Sorry darlin', video and photos are only permitted during our parties and private sessions. We ask that you disconnect, be present, and respect the privacy of other students during all classes and workshops. That being said, we will periodically hold special classes and events where recording will be allowed and encouraged!

I’ve never danced or explored movement in such a way, but I am interested! What do you recommend?

We are so excited for you to take this journey with us! We recommend starting with our Intro to Esoeroticism class, and stick with this for as long as you'd like… each class is unique so you will always be learning something new! We also offer private and semi-private classes if you would like a more individualized environment, so please feel free to to scroll to the bottom of our Class Pricing page or reach out to learn more about this option!

What are your pole Dance class levels?

Though we are not a traditional pole dance studio, we do offer pole dance as part of our overarching esoerotic dance program. Our pole dance classes are structured around a choreographed routine or sequence, which can include spins, movement on and around the pole, and floorwork. Our Pole Virgins class is great for beginners, while our Esoerotic Polecraft class is open level and includes the incorporation of spins and basic pole moves. Our Pole Flowtry class includes more "advanced" spins and basic climbs and sits, and is best suited for anyone who has beginner pole experience. You are also welcome to include pole dance in our House of Venus freestyle class. There is no inverting or aerial tricks in our classes or at our studio. You can find the specific class descriptions here. If you are a pole newbie, we offer a semi-regularly scheduled Pole Maidens 4-week series to start your journey and polish your basic pole skills... see when the next one is scheduled on our Workshops + Events page, or reach out to express interest if there is not one yet scheduled!

What should I wear?

Generally speaking, you should wear anything that makes you feel wildly sexy, comfortable, and free! Please see the class descriptions for specific requirements.

Can my kid/lover/friend wait in the lobby while I take class?

Uh uh, honey, the studio space is for clientele enrolled in class, only.

Where should I park?

Free parking is available in the lot behind our studio. Adjacent street parking is also available.

Oh no: I have to work late/traffic sucks/have decided to go to happy hour and am going to miss class!

Life happens! Please find all of our class cancellation policies here.